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Resin windings

Our resin windings are produced according to specifications provided by the client or on the basis of our own design.

Normally, windings are cylindrical shape but they can also be created  with a rectangular form.

Our resin is in class F.

If required, resin-covered windings can be customized with the client’s logo.

Wire windings

For lower power capacities, windings are created using enamelled copper or aluminium wire, adopting the vertical concentric coiling technique.
With this technique, the coils present a degree of thermal dissipation approximately 12% higher than in traditional layer-type insulation windings; a decrease of about 8-12% in the volume of the winding is also obtained, depending on the situation.
Windings produced using this technique have been experimentally subjected to repeated impulse testing up to 170 KV and subsequently supercharged with an over-voltage of up to 200 Hz, and up to 3 times the rated voltage.

Band windings

For higher capacities the winding is produced with aluminium/copper tape or strips, using automatic, horizontal-winding equipment.

Form of the winding

The windings we produce are normally cylindrical in shape, with tapping links located on the terminal side.
For lower capacities and low-voltage transformers, rectangular-shaped coils can also be supplied.