Resin-casting system

We construct resin-casting systems with innovative equipment for cast-resin windings.

The innovation lies in the fact that the winding enters the autoclave where all cycles are performed: preheating of the windings, vacuum casting, polymerization.


  • System with premixed resin
  • Loading of the filler material with the BIG-BAG discharge system or using SILOS
  • Dryer for quartz or other filler material
  • Ovens


  • Drastic reduction in energy consumption: about 1/3 compared to the traditional method: 75 Kilojoules (kJ), the equivalent of 2.13 m3 of methane for a 100-kg coil
  • Drastic cycle reduction: 6 hours instead of 18 ÷ 20 hours in traditional cycles
  • Reduced size and layout of the system
  • Fresh resin with the maximum level of fluidity

Our twenty years of experience in the production of windings has enabled us to design and construct an innovative system that is compact and simple to use.
  • Greatly reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • With vacuum or vacuum/pressure technology
  • Fully automated