System for measurement tranformers

We produce systems for measurement transformers with various types of resin (epoxy, polyurethane, etc.)

  • Fully automated production lines
  • Positioning on the X-Y axes for automated resin coating
  • System for continuous drying of the filler material (quartz, wollastonite, etc.)
  • Fully automated system
  • Polymerization and drying ovens


  • System with premixed resin
  • Loading of the filler material using the BIG-BAG system
  • Dryer for quartz or other filler material
  • Ovens


  • Drastic reduction in energy consumption: about 1/3 compared to the traditional method: 75 Kilojoules (kJ), the equivalent of 2.13 m3 of propane gas for a 100-kg coil
  • Reduced size and layout of the system
  • Fresh resin with the maximum level of fluidity
  • Greatly reduced cleaning and maintenance requirements
  • Fully automated