SILMEK services


Top priority

From project development to production and commissioning, we will always be available to assist you, ensuring a high level of quality, maximum productivity and safety with our regular maintenance services.

The rapid supply of spare parts and professional repair work in the event of an emergency remain top-priority services for both the client's and our own satisfaction.

This reflects our approach and stance aimed at ensuring a correct and long-lasting form of collaboration.

Our technicians can also analyse the projects and designs of other brands with a view to attaining a form of modernization or offering advice on how to augment levels of productivity.


Single or periodical maintenance intervention

Maintenance is always carried out by qualified personnel.
On request we can organize preventive checks to evaluate the state of the machines and subsequently plan any interventions which may be required.
Furthermore, we are able to provide you with advice concerning any urgent need for necessary spare parts and subsequently plan maintenance intervention.

Following the preventive check, the client may decide how to plan future maintenance operations on the machines, planning individual interventions or signing a contract for periodical maintenance.

With this option the client will be able to benefit from special discounts and rapid intervention.


Supplementary service

Following the establishment of an agreement with the client and depending on the type of machine, SILMEK will offer an initial training session at the client’s premises and further training during start-up and commissioning.

Our technicians will provide the client's staff with information relating to safety and use of the machinery. In any case these details are also present in the specific manual.

It should be noted that training is a very important service to ensure correct use of the machine and for this reason we offer additional training on request, both at the client's premises and at our business headquarters.

This service may also be provided even after a considerable length of time following initial commissioning, also in conjunction with scheduled maintenance, thereby allowing the client to avoid having to undertake a journey for this purpose.